Penawar Kesakitan

Bersujud lah ketika mana Engkau tiada tempat untuk bersandar Engkau tiada tempat untuk mengadu Engkau tiada tempat untuk menangis Engkau tiada tempat untuk bercerita Ketika kau merasa lemah, hiba, sedih dan hilang arah Ketika kau merasa dunia tidak seindah fantasimu Ketika semua usahamu menemui jalan buntu Ketika kepalsuan menjadi bicaraan dunia Ketika kebenaran itu perit […]

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Six Word Story

“Here’s to our enemies, recreating memories.” “Books open up worlds worth exploring.” “Learned lessons from every lost lover.” “From the unknown to the unexpected.” “We’re unpredictable in the best way.” “Hopes smoulder as we grow older.” “Certain smells can heal your soul.” “The loneliness could hurt so bad.” “I never fully recovered from you.” “There’s […]

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Magic of the Sad Song

You have a choice before listening to the sad song, A choice that will bring you into the cloudy mood, Where the pressure on the nerves and joints, Leads to increased pain you feel inside, To something you don’t even want to feel it at the first place, When the melody suddenly taste bitter in your […]

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There She Is

She’s changed. She’s just tired of being tired. So there will be the right time when she finally put herself first, knowing she’s worth it more than this and leaving you behind. She’s going to find what she truly needs. She will freed herself from you and never think of looking back. Slowly, you will start […]

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Perlahan aku merentasi dunia di dalam kelam malam Mengatur langkah ke dunia yang aku ciptakan untuk bersendirian Dunia yang tiada udara untuk diciptakan sebarang bunyi Dunia yang tiada cahaya untuk kaki berkembara Hilang sebentar minda yang penuh dengan masalah Kaku aku disitu namun tenang menguasai diri Sunyi.. ia menjadi lebih lantang dari kesibukan siang Dan pekat […]

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My Little Lucky

Hey you, the one who can’t stop eating, got a cute smile and funny laugh too. You had the most amazing smile. Your smile was radiant and always seemed to be saying, I love you as you are. It pulled people in and made you into something beautiful. Do you know, behind your name it […]

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