Woke up a few times,
Made a cup of tea,
And went back to sleep,
And woke up again,
Stare at ceiling and,
Counted every hour going past.
Here I am in the middle of night,
Try to fall sleep while mentally planning next scene,
Try not to drown in the pain,
But I drown in you again,
Thinking about you again,
Instead of sleeping.
It’s a bitter thing to sit and think,
But I care more about you than you care about me,
It’s all in my head,
I think about it over and over again,
And when I write them out they don’t make sense,
I just need you back.
It’s been hardly a moment,
And you are already missing,
So when I’m gone,
These words will be staying here,
There’s nothing left to say,
Nothing that’s worth anything,
And so goodnight.

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