Mr. No Longer to be Known

I don’t know how to forget you because the last time I checked it, you are the one who tells me not to forget you and somehow it’s funny until now I still fulfil your words. The situation now is pretty different than it used to be because right now you’re hidden between words of poetry. I don’t know how to write you anymore, so I suppose I ought to quit trying.

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  1. Sara Kenneth says:

    wow… simply amazing. don’t worry, we all have been there at some point of time, trying to remember how to forget the people who we once thought were our sole reason for existence…

    ❤ Sara Kenneth.


    1. Asmira Z. says:

      Thank you so much. Yea, to remove some people is pretty hard but surely it will be fade with the right time. I hope your situation is better than it used to be. Have a nice day 🙂


      1. Sara Kenneth says:

        You’re welcome. I haven’t been on the wrong end of time yet. I have all those special people with me, and I really love them….. So yep!


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