Feel Us

Shh.. it’s time to close your eyes and shut down your brain. Stop thinking about what the future holds, tomorrow or hereafter, none of those things are important right now. Just stay with me in present. I need you right in the moment.

Come over here and lay your head into my lap. Close your eyes and listen to the sound of my slow and steady breath. Feel the touch of my hand across your skin, the movement of my fingers through your hair. Focus on me, forget about everything else.

Push any thoughts right out of your head. Don’t let them intrude. At this very moment, the only thing that matters is your mind at peace. Having a mind at peace is not an easy task, but I will make it happen, even if I have to sit here with you in my lap until the sun’s first rays of a new day begin illuminating our room. I don’t mind honey.

Put your head into my hands and with it all of your problems, concerns and insecurities. I’ll shelter you from them and I will fight anything or anyone who mean you harm. I’ll protect you. Now close your eyes, baby. You have nothing to think or worry about. I’m here for you and forever.

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