Dibuai di dalam keheningan malam, Berjuta rasa yang singgah sebentar, Kesejukan dan kesunyian adalah salah satu darinya, Tiada makhluk yang ingin bersendirian, Kita saling memerlukan antara satu sama lain, Ianya lumrah alam, Tetapi cuba kau selami dan berfikir sejenak, Bukankah akhirnya nanti kita akan bersendirian? Jadi mengapa sering takut dalam kesunyian?


Woke up a few times, Made a cup of tea, And went back to sleep, And woke up again, Stare at ceiling and, Counted every hour going past. Here I am in the middle of night, Try to fall sleep while mentally planning next scene, Try not to drown in the pain, But I drown…


Kini kita sudah terbiasa untuk saling melupakan Dan logika berteriak agar terus melangkah Terus melangkah tanpa berpaling ke belakang Yang tinggal kini hanya rasa untuk melewati masa Dan kenangan yang akan pudar dan hilang secara diam.

The Eyes

Cold eyes like the iceberg Kind smiles make me forget the long miles Soft words make me breathe faintly And I forgot how to breathe.

A Light For You

If you ever wake up while struggling with your nightmares And see the world in black and felt little bit scared Don’t you worry honey just come to me And I shall be your light.  


  He hopes I wouldn’t notice, Every step he takes, Slowly walked away from me. There is one thing, He doesn’t realise as he goes, The steps become loud in his silence. The noise become a mess in my head, As I watched you walk away, Hopeless with nothing to say, Now I’ll have to fade away.  

The Magic of Your Voice

I like the sound of your name, I like to hear what have you say, I’d like to pay attention to you, Instead of doing what I have to do.

A Writer

I believe that art shouldn’t be hidden, it should be shared with the world. I write because it opens up an entirely different world for me. I write because it helps me through a lot of tough times. But above all this, I write because it brings me closer to you, yet you are miles away. In my…

You’ll know I’m here

I like the shape of the thoughts in your mind, You’ve got the kind of edge that I seem to need, And if you feel the world doesn’t care, Honey, for sure I’ll send a message, You’ll know I’m here.